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About Us

OAKLEAF started back in 2000, aiming to provide top-notch cleaning services tailored specifically for sports, leisure, and entertainment spots.

Since then, we've grown big time.

Now, we offer more than just cleaning – think security, facility management, event services, and even healthcare support.
Today, we're proud partners with big names in London and Kent, serving places like retail centers, hospitals, schools, and sports hubs.

Our lineup of services covers everything from managing facilities to organizing events and giving advice.
We're the go-to guys in the UK for what we do, and we're all about giving our clients and team members the best, sticking to our core values:

Empowerment, Sustainability, and Honesty.

We work with

When it came to preparing our new construction site, we knew we needed a team that could handle the rigorous demands of construction cleaning, and OAKLEAF cc delivered beyond expectations. Their crew was incredibly efficient, ensuring that every area was thoroughly cleaned and ready for the next phase of development. Their attention to detail made a significant difference in keeping our project on schedule and ensuring a safe working environment.
— Construction Cleaning for Site Preparation
For our large commercial event, we relied on OAKLEAF cc to provide temporary kitchen porters, and they were phenomenal. The porters were highly skilled and adapted seamlessly into our operation, maintaining high standards of cleanliness and efficiency throughout the event. Their professionalism and ability to manage the high demands of a large-scale kitchen were crucial to the event’s success.

— Kitchen Porter Temporary Workers for Large and Commercial Event
We have had a continuous contract with OAKLEAF cc for providing cleaners, kitchen porters, and chefs at our large public site, and their consistency in service has been remarkable. Each team member brings expertise and dedication to their role, contributing to smooth operations daily. OAKLEAF cc’s ability to maintain such high standards consistently over time has greatly enhanced our public site’s reputation for excellence and reliability.
— Consistent Service of Cleaners, Kitchen Porters, and Chefs for Continuous Contract in Large Public Site
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